How to Register

To register, simply click

1) There are Three Options for Registration
      a) All activities for the full summer (8 weeks); Fee is $500/child age 6-14; $250/child age 2-Sr. Kindergarten
      b) All activities on a per week basis; Fee is $80/child/week age 6-14; $50/week child age 2-Sr. Kindergarten
      c) OTHER option allows you to select activities, on a per week basis. If you choose this option, you must
          provide details on what you would like to register for (eg. swim only or Camp Cognashene only)
          and a fee will be calculated for you.

2) Program Fee Descriptions
      For children age 2-Sr. Kindergarten, the fee includes swimming lessons (3 times per week) and Kognashene Kinders
      For children age 6-9, the fee includes swimming lessons (3 times per week), Camp Cognashene and Water Sports.
      For children age 10-14, the fee includes swimming lessons (3 times per week), Camp Cognashene, Water Sports
      and YPOC.

3) After You Register
After completing the registration form, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the payment for your registration. Registration without payment is incomplete. You will also receive a confirmation email of your submission. If you have questions, email RECPROGRAM@COGNASHENE.COM. We are trying to make this simpler so we appreciate your feedback!

Kelly & Cheri
Recreation Program Directors